PFD Week 2018

session1092_0 - Enhanced Recovery Programs: Bringing Evidence-based, Standardized Preoperative Care to your Patients and Overcoming Institutional Obstacles: An Interactive Session

Oct 10, 2018 8:30am ‐ Oct 10, 2018 12:00pm


Enhanced Recovery Programs (ERP) are evidence-based protocols designed to improve functional rehabilitation after surgery. Creating standardized surgical protocols has been shown to improve patient safety. During this time, attendees will review the component of ERPs in each phase of care and present the existing literature of outcomes of ERPs in the benign gynecologic population. Participants will also be instructed on how to implement ERP protocols by providing examples of current perioperative protocols and order sets.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the principles of enhanced recovery programs (ERP) and list the important components of ERP in each phase of care
  • Identify the current evidence base, as well as gaps in understanding and controversies of enhanced recovery programs in the benign gynecologic literature
  • Identify approaches and strategies to create multi-disciplinary teams to lead and gain organizational buy-in for practice change and improvement of peri-operative outcomes
  • List practical steps to develop an enhanced recovery program within an organization


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